How to Register

We understand registration may be confusing, especially if you are now to our sport. Don’t worry, we are here to make things as easy as possible for you!

Steps to take:

1. Select Your Club

Granville Football has 23 local Parramatta – Cumberland based clubs you can chose from. You are able to select any of these based on your preferences. Each club offers different programs, pricing,  locations and options. Its up to you and your research as to which club you select. On our home screen, you will notice the list of all 23 clubs and “MORE INFORMATION” about each. Here you can determine which club best suits your needs.

2. Register within

Each player must register through the Football Federation Australia’s National registration platform, Play Football. After you have selected your club, click “REGISTER”. This will link you directly to that clubs profile within the registration system.

Once you are on the Play Football portal, select “Start my Registration” and begin to follow the prompts.

Within this process, you can enter you kids “Active Kids” Voucher entitling you to a $100 discount towards your registration fees.

If you get stuck, visit this helpful page: